Delivery Pains:

  • High number of unresolved incidents / problems
  • Insufficient RCA
  • SLA failures on a regular basis
  • Penalty payments
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Repeated major incidents
  • Exhaustion and burnouts in delivery teams
  • Cost over-run

Lessons Learnt:

Strong executive support and good teaming with the delivery teams are key for fixing troubled situations.

Troubled delivery situations require rigorous day-to-day management and a control system supported by a granular management system and tight governance.

Poor service management execution can hardly improve without delivery discipline and the right attitude.
Troubled situations can only be fixed if incentive systems include the participation in a taskforce.

Project Pains:

  • Issues not shared with project sponsor
  • Project manager not adequately supported by the senior management team
  • Real root-cause of project delays not disclosed
  • Unclear / fake project status
  • Lack of progress despite leadership changes on top project/program level
  • Numerous project delays
  • Exhaustion and burnouts in project teams
  • Budget overruns

Lessons Learnt:

Strong buy-in of the executive sponsor and stake holders are key for fixing troubled projects.

Projects can hardly be fixed without sufficient time for project assessment.

Troubled projects require a rigorous day-to-day management and an appropriate control system supported by a granular management system and tight governance.

Change of the project/program manager rarely fixes a troubled project as the underlying root-cause for being troubled is usually more complex.

Often technical projects fail, because a detailed solution design does not exist.

Management Pain:

  • Unplanned need for an experienced IT leader.
  • Your IT business is already impacted, you are on the radar screen?

Lessons Learnt:

It is key to perform a solid diagnosis of the current situation and conditions right at the start of the interim management assignment.

Expectations of stakeholders have to be disclosed and aligned.

The client needs to determine the details of the support that he is willing to provide from day 1.