Peter Tkaczick



Delivery Executive mit mehr als 30 Jahren Erfahrung in globalen Unternehmen wie IBM und EDS, von denen er die letzten 20 Jahre in den Bereichen IT-Infrastruktur-Outsourcing und IT-Operations Management tätig war. Dazu gehören folgende Positionen:

Outsourcing Account Manager (Business Development, Service Delivery, Transition)

Leiter Kompetenzzentren Schweiz (IT-Service-Delivery, SAP Consulting, Serverfarm, Netzwerkdienste, zentraler Helpdesk)

Leiter Technical Services verantwortlich für Service Delivery, Entwicklung, Beratung (Integration des Kompetenzzentrums mit Operations, Beratung und Softwareentwicklung eines acquirierten Service Providers)

Programmleiter EMEA (verantwortlich für die Delivery-Standardisierung Projektleitung in Europa)

Taskforce Manager Europe (Due Diligence Manager, Service Management, Transition Manager, Programm-Manager für neun kritische Service-Improvement-Projekte für Grosskunden)

Head of Service Remediation (Leitung eines europäischen SWAT-Teams, das für die Behebung von Out-of-Line-Situationen im strategischen Outsourcing verantwortlich ist)

Delivery Project Executive «Global Delivery Operations» in Life Science Branche (Global Service Management, Order Fulfillment, Asset Management und Operations in den Delivery-Zentren Argentinien und Polen)

Projektleiter Post-Transition (36 Übergangsprojekte)

Delivery Project Executive «Enterprise Data Center» für globale Fluggesellschaft (fachliche Verantwortung für globale Rechenzentren mit allen Systemen, Speicherung von Daten, Middleware, Datenbank- und Applikationsbetrieb)

Service-Improvement Taskforce (49 Prozess- und Tool-Probleme adressierend)

Programm Manager für den Aufbau der Swiss Private Cloud für einen globalen Fintech-Anbieter

Programm Manager für den Aufbaus der Private-Cloud für einen weltweit führenden Anbieter in der Chemieindustrie

Examples Professional Experience

Global Change Management


Global Change Management setup in regulated environment out of control causing lots of incidents with business impact and regular customer complaints as well as penalty threats and high audit exposure.


Action plan included organizational changes, measures to address cultural differences combined with clear instructions, and tightened governance (e.g. huddles, reporting).


Change management related failures close to zero; Change Management team nominated for corporate Quality Award. Cost significantly reduced.

Lessons learnt:

Focus on delivery discipline across a global team and strong leadership are key in a turnaround situation.

Regular SLA


Regular SLA failures with high visibility and penalty threats.


Detailed analysis with subsequent actions to increase control and to share root-cause amongst the teams


SLA exposure close to zero due to improved delivery, but also due to clear understanding of potential triggers of each contributor to a SLA fail and responsible party in the end-to-end delivery.

Lessons learnt:

SLA failures are symptoms of undesirable trends. In-depth analysis can introduce new knowledge, which can be a game changer.

Cloud Transformation


Large, complex cloud transformation program with highest expectations and visibility on top level kicked-off without detailed solution design.


Set-up project, build and complete as much as possible, comply to solution design elements as soon as introduced


SLA exposure close to zero due to improved delivery, but also due to clear understanding of potential triggers of each contributor to a SLA fail and responsible party in the end-to-end delivery.

Lessons learnt:

Do not start cloud transformation programs without agreed solution design or without sufficient network architecture

Das sagen andere über mich:

Deine Stärke ist, dass Du kritischen Situationen mit Mut und Selbstvertrauen reingehst, und die mit dem richtigen methodischen Ansatz anpackst.  Das beeindruckt mich: Du bist jemand, der als Brave Heart reingeht, aber das dann auch gut macht.

You, when you speak, you are honest and outspoken – and I love it. There is no room for interpretation, you are very clear.

You were recognizing and motivating the team and you created a feeling of teaming, which we are missing since you have left.

Du kannst ein grosses, internationales Team führen und bist gleichzeitig Teil des Teams.